Everything begins with an idea. An idea that brings novelty where there is innovation in every step of the process. An idea that makes things happen – the spark in the eye of the beholder that sees the beauty of the whole picture. Adi is the very first spark of an idea – the initiation of innovation.

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When that first step is taken towards innovation, great things become possible. Be it a simple logo, which eventually becomes the insignia of a global brand. Be it a jest shared within a brainstorming session, which eventually becomes the most well-known commercial across a global community.

Or be it a riff played on a guitar, which will eventually bring in thousands of people in a concert. Or maybe the first draft of a book, which draws the attention of thousand others to either read or watch it in a theatre. Adi is just that first step.


Adi Units

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Frequency is the digital marketing and management wing of Adi. It undertakes Digital and Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC Advertising, Media Mobilization, creates and executes Media Mix, develops Website and Mobile Apps with web hosting, along with Graphic Designing and Content Development, and UI/UX Design. This unit undertakes branding and positioning task as the primary goal and collaborates with clientele to achieve desired market value.


Latokosero is the video production unit of Adi Group. It specializes in video commercial production, music video production, web-series and television program production, and is all geared up to produce infotainment materials for worldwide distribution.  

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Stereo Records

Stereo Records carries history, and is the oldest unit in Adi Group. The label producer has produced audio albums: “Sugam Sangeet” (Sugam Pokharel), “Slok” (Nabin K Bhattarai), “Timi Ra Ma” (Sanjeev Singh), “Taremaam” (Sanjeev Singh), “Bhedi Gothai Ma” (Kandara Band), “Best of Anil Singh” (Anil Singh) and many others. Stereo Records continually strives to produce record labels.

Adi Prakashan

Adi Prakashan is the publication wing of Adi. Adi Prakashan specializes in recognizing and scrutinizing a said piece of literature, publishes and distributes the piece, and promotes the piece to reach to a wide range of audience. This unit also undertakes translation, reprints, audio-video adaptation, and copyrights of the said piece.

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Prabhu Mahalaxmi

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Event details

At Adi Group, we take pride in creating magical events, and the Kandara Live in Pokhara is no exception. Below the open sky of Pokhara Pradarshani Kendra, a crowd of over 10,000 music lovers with chants and hoots welcomed the band from the 90s, Kandara.


Kandara band

ASQ – the event management wing of Adi Group spearheaded the planning and execution. With a clear vision to make Kandara’s comeback a resounding success and the event- the greatest of the year, we began our journey with a team curated by a diverse lineup. We coordinated with artists, managed schedules, and ensured a seamless execution.

Our detailed planning paid off as the event unfolded without a hitch. From the exciting opening act by the lead singer Bibek Shrestha with the soulful ‘Tagaroma Rumal Rakhi’ to the final notes of the ever-loved ‘Hong Kong Pokhara’, everything operated smoothly. Our stage management team ensured smooth transitions and optimal sound and lighting, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

Beyond the main stage, our team helped foster a festival atmosphere while ensuring the safety and security of over 10,000 attendees with comprehensive security measures.

We, at ASQ, also understand the importance of building anticipation and engagement before a major event. Thus, we strategized and organized pre-activation events in schools and colleges in Pokhara to generate buzz and increase participation for a successful event. Utilizing social media, we started a comprehensive promotional campaign with interactive contests, teaser videos, and countdowns to increase excitement for the upcoming event.

Kandara’s live performance was not just about their music and comeback; it was also about community. The crowd of tens of thousands demonstrated this with their cheers and chants of ‘Once More.’  It was about carrying on a legacy, and under ASQ’s management and the campaign ‘Pahila Desh Ani Pardesh,’ they did and will continue to do just that.